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Oct 5, 2021

David Palachik, an electronics security engineering specialist and part-time professor at Durham College who started his career as an IBM computer engineer, and his business partner Chad have two major announcements, both have been awarded top honours in the software invention category from the International Invention Innovation Competition (iCAN) held here in Canada and a CTO funded third party academic peer review was just published on InfoQ.

The two have been awarded a gold medal for their Quantum Resilient Cyber Security Solution beating out hundreds of other competitors from 70 countries. This competition includes thousands of categories from bicycle improvements to EEG brain wave detection to diagnostic medical bandages from innovators and inventors around the globe. The board of advisors & judges come from many countries and each award must receive 12 judge votes to win.  The judges come from associations like the Toronto International Society of Innovations & Advanced Skills (TISIAS), World Invention Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA), the Inventors Circle, the National Association for Science and Research (NASR) and Macao Innovation and Invention Association (MIIA) just to name a few.

Chad and Dave are co-founders of CEW Systems Canada Inc and in the Terranova Defense Group as cofounders of Terranova TCU Communications, who have invented a high-level encryption solution to prevent super computers and new Quantum computers from decoding transmitted data.  This solution helps keeps hackers from stealing data and holding it hostage.  The data that they get cannot be decoded even by Quantum computers.  CEW Systems offers encryption with three levels: consumer, commercial and government grade solutions.


CEW Systems Is proud to announce, after 4 longs years of software development, that a CTO funded third party academic peer review paper, written by Dr. Cyril Coupal of Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute’s Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (DICE), has been publish on InfoQ, and can be downloaded from:  The paper was funded by the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).  By their request all the examples in the study are centered on e-commerce and banking applications, however, the paper does give mention to the other technologies Bi-Symmetric Encryption is designed to protect, including Internet or Things (IoT), with mention of remote keyless systems (car FOBs), and client/server applications.

February 1st, 2020

CEW Systems Canada is very pleased to announce the TCU Alliance partnership with Terranova Defense Solutions and Uzado. This alliance came together during 2020; while bidding on government proposals being issued by the Innovation for Defense Excellence and Security (IDEaS) proposals.

TCU Alliance formed a corporate exclusive partnership of highly skilled cyber defense and quantum cyber resilience software experts, defense and technology partners, and cyber security and pen-tester teams working together to improve their overall skills in defense, technology and in cyber security,


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