February 1st, 2020

CEW Systems Canada is very pleased to announce the TCU Alliance partnership with Terranova Defense Solutions and Uzado. This alliance came together during 2020; while bidding on government proposals being issued by the Innovation for Defense Excellence and Security (IDEaS) proposals.

TCU Alliance formed a corporate exclusive partnership of highly skilled cyber defense and quantum cyber resilience software experts, defense and technology partners, and cyber security and pen-tester teams working together to improve their overall skills in defense, technology and in cyber security,

The Acronym is formed by the three partners:

(T) erranova Defense Solutions
(C) EW Systems Canada
(U) zado Compliance and Cyber Security.

Since coming together; TCU Alliance is now working toward improving cyber security and cyber defense technology for autonomous and unmanned vehicles in communications and vehicle protection from cyber attack, hacks and jamming.

TCU is ready to resolve your computer cyber issues using the World's First Post-Quantum Encryption Software with Purple Pen-testing for UN + NATO defense organizations and governments globally.

Corporate Websites: