Below are several videos that describe different aspects or uses of the software, how the encryption software was designed to be used with different technologies and how the encryption was designed to thwart different types of attacks.  Special proof of concept software programs were written for each of the five videos.  For each video, software programs were written in pairs using TCP/IP internet protocols to communicate with each other and transmit encrypted data.  Two stand alone programs were written, each to demonstrate hacker attacks.


This video describes how bi-symmetric encryption is ideally suited for encrypting unmanned autonomous ground air and sea vehicles.  The video describes how the Bi-Symmetric handshake can send command codes without directly sending them, instead sending only 100% salted randomized data.

Bi-Symmetric Encryption for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles


This video describes how bi-symmetric encryption is ideally suited for encrypting remote keyless systems using remote vehicle access as the example using key fobs and smart watches.  The video also shows how bi-symmetric encryption thwarts sophisticated attacks designed to allow entry to locked vehicles and building security systems

Bi-Symmetric Remote Keyless System


How Bi-Symmetric Handles Man-In-The-Middle Attacks


This video describes how Bi-Symmetric encryption handles man-in-the-middle attacks using a real-world example of a user named Alice using the free Wi-Fi in a coffee shop where Malory is waiting to intercept and steel personal data and information. The video shows show how intercepting the bi-symmetric handshake won’t allow an attacker to intercept or decrypt data. The video also shows defenses against username and password theft.


Bi-Symmetric Encryption for the Automotive Industry


This video describes how bi-symmetric encryption can be used to secure and encrypt the automotive industry against hacking attacks and technically advanced vehicle theft organizations.  


This includes how to setup and secure automotive customer/inventory databases and how to safely and securely register installed smart phone and smart watch apps.