With the advent of quantum computers, asymmetric encryption is no longer considered safe or secure.  A new form of encryption is required to provide secure data transmissions across the Internet.  CEW Systems Canada, headquartered in Canada, is the company that has done just that. We provide a new form of encryption we believe to be Quantum Computer proof. Our hybrid encryption method does not use math formulas as in today’s solutions.  Math formulas are easily broken by the supercomputers of today. With the rapidly evolving quantum computer industry, today’s off the shelf encryption methods can be broken in a matter of milliseconds.


We have developed a new concept we have trade-marked as Bi-Symmetric encryption. This encryption method is a hybridization of asymmetric public/private keys combined with symmetric encryption to modify each character individually and not the data packets.


The Bi-Symmetric system differs in two ways.  Randomly generated public keys are exchanged during a handshake which are in turn locked by private keys generated from login credentials or credit card data. Each plain text character in the data packets are modified individually instead of as a whole. Meaning there are no mathematical relationships. Additionally, we have demonstrated how the Bi-Symmetric handshake allows logins and online purchases to be made without actually transmitting the password or credit card data. The result is, when a brute force attack is made on, as an example, someone’s bank account, it will display every possible value between $0 and $999 billion, with no means to determine which is the correct balance. This also means that since the public keys are purely randomly generated, a man-in-the-middle attack would fail because there is not a pattern by which to determine the correct decrypted value.


Nothing to date has been introduced that challenges the status quo.  Developments in quantum-based hardware have been published.  However, hardware-based solutions can only be used by governments and large corporations. The vast majority of encryption takes place on personal computers and smart phones rendering these tools unavailable for everyday users.  We have not seen any concrete advancement in software API development tools. 


CEW Systems Canada took on the challenge of creating a new method for encryption due to personal experience. Years ago, our AutoCAD add-on solution was hacked allowing users to remove the licence key and run the program without fees.  This and a data breach of a credit card data from a large company allowing our president’s credit card to be hacked (someone has a new guitar in Florida) led CEW to rethink conventional cyber security solutions. Three years later and thousands of tests have resulted in our new Bi-Symmetric Compounding Encryption Weaving (CEW) product available for sale today.


Our product is available to protect these systems;

Ecommerce         Aviation Systems             Fleet Vehicle Security        Internet of Things (IoT) equipment

Fleet Vehicle Security            Cloud Services           UAV Drones          Computers and smart devices

Automobile connectivity and internal communications Corporate Databases     Military & Government