CEW Systems was started by Chad E. Wanless in 2019

I have worked in the engineer fields with extensive experience programming complex engineer software tools. 

From 2001 to 2005, I owned and operated 3rd Day Software creating a programming user interface toolset for AutoCAD programmers called ObjectDCL  (www.objectdcl.com), which allowed programmers to easily create programming user interface tools for the original AutoCAD programming toolset called AutoLisp. Prior to this innovation, AutoLisp dialog boxes were created using text files, with only the most basic user interface controls available. ​

The programming tool used the standard file saving software routine supplied with Microsoft C++ included encryption as a feature. In 2002, someone hacked the software and created an illegal tool that broke the encryption to allow users to override the trial settings from the trial version of the software.  Quickly changing the password, but more importantly, adding an additional special encrypted passcode resolved the issue. This incident although quickly resolved, exposed a vulnerability and the need for new technology to protect data. This incident of a single data breach marked the beginning of a long process focused on creating a more robust encryption tool.

Several years ago, what would turn into the bi-symmetric encryption system basic idea started with watching a news clip on car FOBs and how easy it was to defeat them when using a brute force attack.  The idea of the bi-symmetric encryption technology was started as a result.  Then after realizing that the technology could cover more than just the one use, the seed was planted and over the next few years the technology was programmed and expanded upon until viable internet encryption tools were refined and filed for patents. 

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