Software Tools

CEW Systems patent pending bi-symmetric encryption is designed for multiple encryption applications.


Bi-symmetric and CEW encryption can be used for the multiple applications, including the following; redit card encryption, database encryption, secure internet data transmissions, password hashing, RKS (car FOBs) or another application, CEW systems encryption API uses brand new extremely advanced and radically different, our state of the art bi-symmetric encryption tools. Our tools have been designed to thwart the new quantum computers now arriving in the 21st century.

With encryption keys sizes starting at 208 bits, 1,664 bits, 3,328 bits, 6,656 bits, 10,240 bits, 21,504 bits, 47,104 bits, 117,760 bits or optionally for extremely secure data base applications, 93 million bits.  That’s correct, this is not a mistake or typo, 93.2 million bits, or 25.4 gigs for database encryption.


We won’t go into the details of how CEW System’s bi-symmetric toolset works, but we will describe what they have been designed to do. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Software encryption tools that are transparent to end users


The tools provided by CEW Systems work behind the scenes and the end users won’t notice a change to the software they are used to using.  Our tools are designed to be plug and play software tools that programmers can easily insert into software programs.

Internet online purchases without transmitting cedit card data


The CEW encryption toolset provides a means by which online credit card and banking purchases can be made, without having to transmit the credit card or banking data.  The Encryption key size used for internet encryption purchaes is 16,384 bits. 



The CEW encryption toolset also provides a similar means to the online credit card and banking purchases tool, where passwords can be used to log into secure systems, all without having to transmit the password. Further details are are coming soon.

Database Encryption

The CEW encryption toolset provides the worlds largest record-breaking encryption key size system designed to ensure any database will remain un-decryptable using 203.3 million bits or 25.4 gigs of keys.  In-case anyone thinks of steeling the key file, even it is encrypted using CEW encryption keys. Database encryption offers multiplie encryption keys sizes starting at 10,240, 21,504, 117,760 and for the most advanced option 203.3 million bits.

Online third party encrypted secure data storage


The CEW encryption toolset’s very first thought of use was for storing credit card data safely and securely on third party servers. From there we branched the software out to be useful for other needs. The encryption size option for secure storage of data online on third party servers, our tool offers the same options as database encryption, up to 93 million bits.

Password Protection

The CEW encryption toolset comes with a custom password edit box that displays a drop-down box to the user when they type in their password.  The intent is to constantly remind the user to ignore phishing emails and the only means to change or update the password is through this software.  The software also combines in the background the user’s device data such as hardware serial numbers with the password so that when a malware virus records a user’s key strokes, the password will not work from a computer other than the one the user has registered with the online system.