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Post-Quantum Encryption

Randomized Data Handshake (RDH)

Coming Soon

AES Encryption has been studied and declared as a quantum resilient. However, it is incapable of creating and exchanging its own session keys and has relied upon asymmetric handshakes to exchange a session key on its behalf. Until now.

Introducing the Randomized Data Handshake or RDH.  It is a hybridized handshake wrapped around the AES encryption which allows a sender and receiver to mutually authenticate each other while exchanging only 100% randomized data (with the exception of a hashed user ID, used by a receiving device or server to lookup the user's authentication codes).

While the NIST selected post-quantum encryption algorithms are useful for general purpose, they leave gaping vulnerabilities open for vertical markets such as IoT and Fintech.  This handshake has been specially designed for these vertical markets. 

Several variations of the handshake will be available soon:

  • Randomized Data Authorization (RDA) for general purpose logins

  • Randomized Data Banking (RDB) for FinTech

  • Randomized Data Commands (RDC) for IoT and related

  • Randomized Database Queries (RDQ) for database querying

  • Randomized Data Transmittal (RDT) for plain text data or files where the headers maybe known

Each of these products is design to process authentications, remote device commands, financial accounts, database query command, debit and credit card data, and even text while only sending 100% randomized data. The authentication codes and temporary session keys are never actually transmitted.

Check back soon for more information

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